In an interview with Martha MacCallum on Thursday night, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy called out the Democrats for interrupting the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh.

“I’m curious on your thoughts about what Senator Booker did today and whether or not there was any reason for the drama surrounding it?” MacCallum asked.

“Only 2020 presidential politics,” Gowdy bluntly replied. “They missed a wonderful opportunity to have a robust, interesting hearing about judicial philosophy and whether you are a strict constructionist or whether you are a minimalist. These are legitimate questions. Reasonable minds can differ.”

“What I have watched over the last couple of days was a bunch of people who want to be the nominee in 2020. It is sad. I grew up watching confirmation hearings, I am a little of a nerd. I think it is incredible to watch smart people question or other smart people about important matters. You’re seeing 2020 presidential politics,” he added.