Turning point USA Communications Director Candace Owens mentioned Sunday on Fox & Friends that rapper Kanye West is being fully serious once talking regarding doubtless running for president in 2024.

West said in 2015 that he’d “definitely” take into account running for president in 2020, and recently mentioned throughout a radio interview that he “100 percent” may run in 2024.

“I always tell people, never discount Kanye West,” Owens said. “His entire story is of overcoming. When people tell him that he can’t do something, he always accomplishes it.”

Singer John Legend, an addict of West’s, said Friday on “The Dan Wootton Interview” podcast that the notable rapper is serious about a presidential run.

Legend added that he believes West would run as an independent, however, that West hasn’t told him specifically.

“I think he sees some aspects of himself in Trump and sees that Trump winning makes it feel like he could do it too,” Legend said.

West was intensely criticized for supporting President Trump and showing his support for conservative voices, like praiseful Owens on Twitter.

Turning purpose USA’s founder, Charlie Kirk, praised the megastar rapper on Sunday for not shying away from his praise of Owens and Trump.

“He has not defected one inch,” Kirk said. “He is giving a whole segment of the American population permission to support the most successful president of our lifetime.”