Before the tip of his show Friday night, Tucker Carlson had some fun at the expense of former Bush ethics attorney Richard Painter.

Painter, the vocal Trump critic who recently lost within the Democratic primary for senator in Minnesota, used what he regularly refers to in his in his campaign ad: a container fireplace.

Carlson launched his interview with Painter, commenting his “obsession” with fires.

“Are you a pyromaniac?” Carlson asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” Painter responded. “We could think of other analogies or metaphors, but most of the metaphors I could think of to describe what’s going on in Washington would be entirely inappropriate on national television. So, I think the dumpster fire is a good one.”

The Fox News host then told Painter that he showed his campaign ad to his “experts” and that they all complete that there was a hearth behind him and he did “nothing” to place it out.

“Why is that?” Carlson pressed Painter. “There’s a dumpster fire, but you take no affirmative action to put it out. That was very striking to us.”

“But you played no role!” Carlson exclaimed. “You seem to be basking in the warmth, yet you did try and dowse it. I mean, you don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to suspect there’s something going on here.”

“The real dumpster fire is in Washington,” Painter responded. “I suggested a lot of ways to clean that up- get the money out of politics and that’s a problem with both political parties. And we have President Trump, says he’s going to drain the swamp, they brought in a lot of conflicts of interest…”

“Hold on, this doesn’t even make sense!” Carlson shouted. “There’s a fire going on, but you want to drain the swamp at the same time? Is that even safe?”