Comedian Bill Maher has offered up a new plan for challenging President Donald Trump: resurrecting fellow comedian Al Franken’s failing political career.

Franken, Maher argued, was the kind of comedian who may really get beneath Trump’s skin by poking fun at him, a maneuver he delineated as Trump’s “kryptonite.”

“The one thing that gets under his skin — besides Red Dye No. 2 — is being made fun of,” stated Maher during Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“We need someone who can shred Trump like a stand-up takes down a heckler — because Trump is a heckler,” continued Maher.

“Are Democrats really going to permanently send away one of our ablest warriors for being a waist grabber?” asked Maher.

Franken, as IJR reports, left the Senate amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. In the aftermath, Maher was one in all the celebrities who came to Franken’s defense.

Last year, he and fellow comedian Chelsea Handler defended Franken and said that Democrats were the reason he left Congress.

“I feel like we’ve lost our ability to think in this country, to tell unlike things apart,” he said.

Maher criticized Democrats for claiming that leaving Franken in the Senate would then also justify alleged sexual assailant Roy Moore of Alabama to remain, as well.

“Instead of going there with, ‘Oh, well, we can’t win this […] let him resign,’ make the counterargument! Do what I just did in the monologue! Say, ‘He’s not the Zodiac Killer! It’s not the same thing!’”

He additionally downplayed Franken’s actions on Friday.

“He didn’t drive her off a bridge and leave her to drown,” he said. “Can we get some perspective? Does every infraction, no matter how small, have to be rehashed for an entire lifetime? That’s not politics, that’s marriage.”

“It’s time to get Al off the bench so he can come back to doing what he does better than any other Democrat: taking down right-wing blowhards,” he added. “I want to see Al Franken debate Donald Trump. And by the way, so do you.”