Fox News host and former White House press secretary Dana Perino had some select words for the anonymous senior Trump White House official who wrote an op-ed for The NY Times, defending why the newspaper chose to publish it.

The anonymous official argues that they and others try to rein in President Donald Trump‘s worst impulses to keep him on track.

On “The Five,” Katie Pavlich questioned the Times’s decision to publish the op-ed, saying it “wasn’t published to expose some kind of new revelation about Trump’s behavior, it was published because the NY Times agrees with it.”

Perino stated, “I think whoever wrote this is being incredibly self-indulgent. If you have the privilege to be a political appointee at a senior level in the White House, then you have a moral responsibility and a duty of conscience to resign your post if you disagree. You should not be lapping up the benefits of being a senior administration official no doubt while scouting for lucrative opportunities for when you leave your post.”

Regarding the NY Times specifically, Perino said she understands the choice to run it in the first place.

“I don’t blame the New York Times for publishing it. I believe had this been––had Hillary Clinton won and someone in her administration had said, ‘I’m so upset. Fox News, can you please run this op-ed for me?’ We would have done it too.”

However, she also said the anonymous official should resign before they are exposed, and stop stroking their own ego over the piece before the country suffers even more.