On Wednesday during the interview Megyn Kelly Today, NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff said that midterm voters are more worried about the local issues that impact their daily lives than the latest tweet from President Trump, the Russia investigation, or palace intrigue in Washington D.C.

“So what really matters to American voters like you? Is it Trump tweets? Petty squabbles amongst the politicians? Not so much, as it turns out.” Touting the possibility of Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives in November, Soboroff introduced a new series titled What Matters: “We wanted to figure out what really matters to voters in some of these toss-up districts. The only way to do that is ignore the polls, forget the pundits, right? And hit the ground.”

Talking to Key West resident Dee Dee Green, Soboroff asked about some of the media narratives: “What about the stuff that we hear about on TV all the time, Trump, Russia investigation, scandals?” Green replied: “Those are sometimes distracters. I mean, I think they’re important, but I like to stay focused on who’s supporting what I’m supporting.”

Following the report, Kelly observed: “The media falls in love with its own stories and like the Trump tweet and the latest on Mueller and the Russia investigation. And they’re like, ‘Wrong, wrong.’”

Soboroff was quick to defend such media obsession: “And it’s not to say that those issues aren’t critically important to the health of our democracy and to the country and if the president is engaged in scandals and collusion with Russia, you know, that we shouldn’t be focused on it.”

However, he then acknowledged that journalists need to get out of the newsroom and actually talk to real people:

“But every day we have to remember what people like you guys [referring to the studio audience] are thinking about, the stuff that affects your daily life, your livelihood, how you actually, you know, wake up, get out of bed, and go, you know, into your day. And that’s what these people care about.”