There seems to be no love lost between Glenn Greenwald and MSNBC.

The investigative reporter has appeared on numerous Fox News shows recently, saying he as been banned from Rachel Maddow’s show, but is refusing to sit on the sideline.

Tensions reached a peak last year, Greenwald told Observer, suggesting he was blacklisted from the network as a consequence of his “harsh criticism of the obsession of MSNBC typically, and Maddow specifically, with the Russia story, likewise as their varied errors and reckless speculation.”

He echoed that very same message during a drawn-out HuffPost interview last week, saying he’s never been invited by Maddow to debate U.S.-Russia relations, a matter where he takes a complete opposite view than the host.

“I’m pretty sure I am banned by MSNBC,” he said. “I used to be invited on constantly during the Bush years, and even into the Obama years. Then it kind of tapered off toward the end of the Obama years, when I was criticizing Obama.”

Regarding his call to appear on Fox, Greenwald said he has no regrets, noting CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wasn’t rolling out the doormat for him either.

“I don’t have a moral obligation to stay off TV if Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow aren’t inviting me on their shows,” he said.

But for Greenwald, there’s a line.

“I probably wouldn’t go on Stormfront radio, like actual Nazi party channels—and no, I don’t think Fox is the equivalent of the Nazi party,” he remarked.