Drew and Ariann Corpstein were told their unborn baby had a terminal brain tumor and suggested that they get an abortion to terminate the maternity.

According to a report by the Des Moines Register, the Iowa couple was told their child’s brain would fail to develop.

At 23 weeks into the maternity, radiologists told the Corpstein’s that their kid had “malformed brain tissue” which it might never have a normal life.

The couple told the Register that they did not believe having an abortion was their “decision to make,” adding, “We knew that our baby was probably not going to be born alive. whatever happens, it’s in God’s hands.”

Ariann carried their baby to term. Doctors had misdiagnosed their baby. Their son’s brain had absolutely developed, however there was a fluid buildup that showed up within the tests, that had caused doctors to misdiagnose very little Matthew throughout the maternity.

Doctors can need to complete a surgery to empty the fluid, however, the probabilities of Matthew living a normal life are very high.

“If you don’t believe in miracles, God sent us Matthew to remind us they’re real,” Ariann told the Register.

The couple joined “Fox & Friends” to inform the story of Matthew’s triumph.

“I’m so glad that she was so strong in her foundation. We just trusted in God that everything would be okay and there would be this misdiagnoses. And 27 hours after he was born the MRI comes back, [the doctor] comes into the room and tells us the best news of our entire lives.”

“Unfortunately, a lot of parents get told that, you know, you can abort. But we were like, obviously at that point we were so excited to hear the news. He explaine that our baby, Matthew, could live a normal life.”

The Corpstein’s could not be more excited about their child..

The family established a GoFundMe to help with Matthew’s hospital expenses. On the page, many are calling him “Matthew the great,” adding, “A boy who wasn’t supposed to be born alive, much less do anything else, has showed us that God is protecting us and blessing us beyond anything we can imagine.”