Back in 2013, Red Sox’s J.D. Martinez posted a pro-gun Instagram post that included a photo of Adolf Hitler, and that photo surfaced recently on social media and received a lot of criticism.

Martinez defended his post that was captioned, “To conquer a nation, First disarm it’s citizens,” saying that he was supporting the Second Amendment. “When I read that it kind of threw me back,” Martinez said.

“I posted it,” Martinez added. “I love my country. I love this country. I stand by the Constitution and I stand by the Second Amendment and it’s something that I take pride in. It’s something that I’ll back up.”

“As most of you guys know I’m Cuban-American, and most of my family was run out of Cuba because of a brutal dictator,” he continued. “It’s terrible. It’s one of those things where I’ll never get to meet some of my family because of it.”

“Boston. That’s how it got out. I don’t know,” he said. “It’s been up there for a while, and it’s the new hot thing to do now — dig and try to find something to make people look bad, I guess.”

“Where we’re at right now, people are gonna start searching tweets from 10 years ago,” said Alex Cora, the manager. “I think players control their Twitter handles and Instagram and, if it’s there, people are probably going to find it and then they have to be responsible enough to explain why they did it.”


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