During an event last Friday in Ohio, President Donald Trump ripped into networks for selecting to not broadcast the anthem throughout season.

The president has perpetually criticized the NFL for their handling of the anthem issue.

However, throughout his speech, the president targeted on the networks for his or her call.

“We’re standing proudly for our great, beautiful, wonderful national anthem,” stated Trump. “Which CBS and ESPN have decided not to broadcast, so they don’t have any controversy. Can you imagine that?”

ESPN president, Jimmy Pitaro, spoke out regarding the reports, claiming that the policy isn’t dynamical as a result of the network doesn’t broadcast the anthem except on special occasions.

“I don’t think there’s going to be any change this year,” feared Pitaro. “Our plan going into this year is to not broadcast the anthem.”

The president believes that the choice is symptom networks instead of serving to them.

“What are they doing?” Trump asked. “Do they not have a clue? It’s hurt them badly too. It’s continuing. They think they’re doing something smart by not broadcasting the national anthem.”

He concluded by saying “That’s CBS and ESPN folks. enjoy your television.”

Other networks, like NBC, haven’t nevertheless formally set whether or not they can air the anthem and it’s unsure if Trump’s comments can change their strategy.

“On occasion, we’ve covered the national anthem, but our plans aren’t finalized yet as we have an earlier kickoff time in 2018,” said a spokesperson to USA Today.