A discussion got heated on “Outnumbered” Friday when the panel began talking about all of the legal bombshells and problematic developments for President Trump throughout the week.

The conversation began with the reports of immunity for Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, that comes as National Enquirer’s David Pecker revealed that Michael Cohen may have actually told the president about his campaign finance law-violating payoff to women. Juan Williams was today’s #OneLuckyGuy, and he started by saying these bombshells may be trouble, stirring up Trump’s critics prior to the midterm elections.

Rachel Campos-Duffy then argued that since Robert Mueller has not yet been able to prove the Trump-Russia collusion theory, many are beginning to turn in favor of the president because of the lack of evidence in what is being called an “unfair” investigation. Daren McDowell acknowledged that many recent events are problematic for Trump and his business empire, although she also brought mention to the leaked dossier one year ago regarding the president’s personal actions.

Williams then noted that Trump’s legal complications all stem from Cohen, who was the main culprit who avoided revealing the payoffs the FEC.

“He isn’t on tape saying [that],” Harris Faulkner said, although Williams then alluded to the secretly-recorded audio of Trump discussing the payoff.

Although they did not directly mention whether or not it absolutely was an FEC violation, McDowell screamed, “They’re typically treated as civil not criminal cases! That’s the abomination in all this!” McDowell claimed Democrats receive more passes than the president has throughout his entire stay in the White House, and Campos-Duffy followed up by claiming Hillary Clinton got a pass as an example.

“The message to the American people is if you’re an outsider, if you’re somebody who wants to run for president and the political class did not annoint you, the insiders, the elites in Washington, the political class will destroy you.”