The UFC president Dana White did an interview recently on Fox News’ “OBJECTified,” where he pointed out that he would never talk bad about or criticize his friend, President Donald Trump.

“I’m never going to say anything bad about — ever. Ever, ever, ever. That guy gave us our start when nobody would talk to us,” White said.

No arenas wanted us,” he continued. “He reached out and he’s always been a friend to me. The guy’s always been a friend to me. Donald Trump has never done anything remotely negative to me, ever — except try to compete with me.”

“Not going to say anything negative about him and I never have,” he added.

This is not the only time he expressed his support for the president. Back in 2016, he praised him during a speech at the Republican National Convention.

“Donald was the first guy that recognized the potential that we saw in the UFC and encouraged us to build our business,” he said. “He hosted our first two events at his venue. He dealt with us personally. He got in the trenches with us and made a deal that worked for everyone.”