Conservative non-profit group PragerU seems to be facing Facebook censorship, as several recent posts from group have seen a 99.9999% drop in engagement. The Social Media Masters of the Universe group were forced to take down two PragerU videos that Facebook labeled “hate speech.”

Conservative commentating couple Diamond and Silk, who run the conservative non-profit group PragerU that produces academic videos on conservative problems, has found that Facebook has limited the page’s reach drastically, after asking them to take down two videos. The group’s Facebook page boasts 3 million followers, but its most up-to-date posts are seen by almost of its followers because of the new Facebook dashboard setup blocking censored content that may hold sensitive material.

PragerU Social Media Influencer Will Witt posted a screenshot of the Facebook page’s dashboard that shows a variety of statistics concerning posts from the page, along with the post reach statistics, showing way several users have clicked on links within the posts. In keeping with the photos shared by Witt, PragerU’s last 9 posts have reached between one and 3 of their followers. Previous posts have reached between 50,000 and 95,000 of PragerU’s followers.

Witt has revealed a variety of screenshots of PragerU videos that have been removed by Facebook for “hate speech.” The videos that were removed embody one titled “Make Men Masculine again,” and “Where are the Moderate Muslims?”

Witt said in his Facebook post, “Our last 9 posts have been completely censored reaching 0 of our 3 million followers.

PragerU has long-faced similar censorship on YouTube, where videos are on an age restriction. PragerU took YouTube to court over the issue, but the suit was thrown out by a federal judge because the judge claimed that YouTube did not violate the First Amendment.

PragerU corporate executive Marissa Streit previously commented on censorship by technical school firms stating, “There’s been a lot of outrage in our culture and while I’m the last person to advocate for even more hysteria, this is one issue that should unite all Americans, on either side of the political spectrum, in our collective outrage over internet censorship. We cannot allow companies like Google/YouTube to operate as authoritarian tyrants who control the flow of information in a time in history we call the information age. If we do, the information age will become a dark age, and what we currently understand as freedom of speech will become distorted and twisted until it isn’t really free speech at all. We risk losing this uniquely American heritage, which is really the foundation of our democracy.”

Facebook responded to the outcry, admitting that it made a mistake.