On Wednesday’s Outnumbered Overtime on Fox News guests Kayleigh McEnany of the RNC and New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake, former Vice-Chair of the DNC, had a contentious exchange over each of their party’s respective platforms and visions.

Harris Faulkner started the fight by asking Blake if Trump is, in fact, the “kingmaker” who ensured a victory in Ohio for the GOP.

“Not a kingmaker at all,” said Blake. “Let’s be clear first that the race is not called. It won’t be until August 24 until we have the provisional ballots. He definitely had impact on the base as he should. We’re talking about a seat that has been in Republican hands for decades.”

He said that the Republicans spend “more than $3 million to save a seat that shouldn’t have been competitive in the first place.”

McEnany, though, said the special election showed the power of Trump.

“This is about the president’s endorsement. Last night was a showcase of the power of this president,” she said. “I did the math this morning. Nearly 90 percent of candidates that the president has endorsed — either for a special election or a primary — went on to prevail. This president endorsed all nine of our Republican candidates in the special House elections. Eight out of nine went on to win. This president has the ability to change the course of races and we saw that last night.”

“Who saved the day?” she asked about Balderson, who had been slightly behind in the polls. “This president came in, had a rally. 20,000 RSVPs, energized the base and put Troy Balderson over the top. This president’s endorsement is nothing to mess with.”

“And we welcome him and his failed agenda to come along with it across the country” Blake said. “You want to talk about kingmaker, the reason why Conor Lamb was elected in Pennsylvania or Doug Jones in Alabama.”

Faulker jumped in at that point to push back on the failed agenda comment.

“Let me step in there because I want to understand what you mean by failed agenda,” she said. “The economy is cooking along. We have more jobs than people looking because we have got to get in there and train and give access.”

“These numbers are incredible,” she raved. “Not to put too fine a point on it look what it is among African-Americans and Hispanics, historic. So what do you mean failed agenda?”

“Harris, your talking points are failed,” said Blake. “Let’s be clear. First of all, there were more jobs created under Barack Obama in the same timetable than under Donald Trump. One. Two, wages have not gone up”

“False,” interjected McEnany.

“Three, clearly the tariffs–”

“False!” she exclaimed.

“Let me be clear. The peace — when you talk about false– It’s factually accurate, Kayleigh, let’s be clear on this,” he said. “Now when we talk about what’s happening here and now. The reality is the reason why you are seeing so much momentum. The reality is, the reason why you are seeing races coming up in Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states across the country. The reason why you have had 44 flips is because of policy.”

“Let me finish I was very polite to you,” said McEnany after being interupted. “The AP reported last week wages are going up faster pace than they have in 10 years. I think it’s a very sad day in America when you sit here and call it a failure that Hispanic and African-American unemployment are at their lowest rate, that employment overall is at 18-year low that we had 4.1 percent G.D.P. It is a very sad day in America.”

“Please spare me talk about black and Latino communities, Kayleigh until you can make sure kids are not in cages don’t talk to me about black and Latino communities.”