On Tuesday, actor Michael Ian Black shook social media after he claimed White House adviser Stephen Miller flashed a racist signal before a television appearance last year:

“Flashback to that time Stephen Miller threw a white power sign in the White House briefing room,” Black tweeted. “And yes, that’s exactly what the f**k he was doing,” he added.

The claim appeared in the left-leaning Daily Kos, who said in February, “Yes, Trump’s Aide Really Did Throw ‘White Power’ Sign.” When Snopes, a fact-checking site, viewed that claim and said that it was false. It asked the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which the Kos referenced in its article, whether Miller was using a white power sign and the organization said the claim was not credible.

“He seems merely to be adjusting his suit and tie,” Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow at the ADL, said.

Many on Twitter seemed to agree with Pitcavage’s assessment:

Even amid criticism, Black doubled down and suggested it was ridiculous that Miller meant anything other than to support “white power”:

“Unless Stephen Miller buttons his jacket like a praying mantis, (which *is* possible considering the person in question),” Black said, “that’s not what’s happening in this photo.”