Last Saturday, actor Peter Fonda was asked from a Twitter user about the possibility of the Millennials voting in the upcoming election.

“Hi I’m worried about the millennials voting.. are they Trumpets or not? They say only 21 percent will vote . A holes really,” Deborah White, whose Twitter username is GroovyTimes777, asked Fonda.

The actor responded to her question, but the tweet was deleted after a short period of time.

“If you have a millennial in your family, take their early ballots, fill them out and mail them in, or take the ballot to the voting place and give it to the officials… no more worrying!”

Fonda injected himself many times in politics in recent months, using vulgarities to criticize Trump.

The last time he brought attention was when he tweeted a suggestion to put President Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron in a cage with pedophiles, prompting much outrage.