Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated on Wednesday that his team will be required to be on the field for the national anthem and stand for the flag, despite the new NFL on-hold rule to allow players to stay in the locker room if they choose.

“As far as the Dallas Cowboys, you know where I stand, the team knows where I stand. Our policy is you stand during the anthem, toe on the line,” he said in a release to the media.

Philadelphia Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins called him a coward in response to the decision, saying it is sad to see owners interfere with decision of individual players.

“Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie been very supportive of us from the beginning,” Jenkins said. “I don’t see Jeffrey as a bully like Jerry Jones is. Lucky for me, I don’t play for the Cowboys, nor would I want to,” he continued.

“It’s unfortunate that you have owners like him that use his position to intimidate and intentionally thwart even the idea of his players thinking individually or having a voice about issue that effect their communities daily. It’s unfortunate,” he added.

On Friday, President Donald Trump tweeted about Jones.

“Way to go Jerry. This is what the league should do,” the president, who has criticized players who kneel for the anthem in protest of police brutality in America, tweeted.