Fox News personality Brit Hume drew outrage on Independence Day by accusing the Democrats of not loving America, citing a poll from Gallup.

Hume tweeted a blog post that showed a poll, finding that only 23% of the Democrats are proud to be Americans.

The blog post had a headline that read, “WHY DO DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICA?,”

“Hate may be too strong a word but they sure don’t love it,” Hume tweeted.

Hume, who is a Fox News senior political analyst, later deleted the tweet and offered a clarification.

“I deleted an earlier tweet that said Democrats don’t love America. It was based on a Gallup poll that found only a minority of Dems now very proud of this country. A number of people said they think that’s not a fair conclusion from the poll. I agree and thus the deletion,” Hume tweeted.