Fox News’ The Five got heated Wednesday when Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams discussed President Donald Trump’s meeting with the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

Williams pointed out that President Trump celebrates himself for meeting with Kim and that he is the one who set the high bar for what to expect. He called out Trump for not mentioning Otto Warmbier.

“Yes he did! Last night!” Gutfeld said.

This debate took a turn when Williams asked Gutfeld a personal question. “You say Kerry and others are lemmings… Is Otto Warmbier one of the lemmings too?”

“That makes no sense,” Gutfeld fired back. “I did not say that. That was so wrong, Juan. I did not call Warmbier a lemming, you moron!”

Williams proceeded to point out to negotiations with North Korea in the past, but Gutfeld told him, “You accused me of saying something I didn’t say.”

Later in the debate, Williams asked why did the U.S. go out for this summit. “We get promises, pledges, oh my gosh…” he said.

Gutfeld said, “You are such a baby, Juan, about this.”