Conservative commentator Candace Owens slammed Ellen Degeneres and her staff over their way of treating Trump supporters.

Ellen says she is all about love and peace, Owens explained, but when it comes to people that don’t agree with her political views, those values seem to be less important.

Owens expressed her feelings in a series of tweets:

“The attorney general should have been @JudgeJeanine. People would be in jail by now. That woman is a powerhouse,” tweeted Owens.

“Can u actually be this stupid?” “Ellen” producer Ed Glavin responded to her tweet.

“One of the most bizarre things about my twitter life is how regularly I am stalked and insulted by @TheEllenShow producers. This is a woman who regularly champions bullying as one of her biggest societal concerns. Don’t ever forget that liberals are frauds,” she responded.

“I actually know you’re very smart, Candace, which I find some of the stuff you promote so frightening. I apologize for asking if you’re really stupid. Not being sarcastic,” responded Glavin.

“While I appreciate this tongue-in-cheek apology… you and @andylassner regularly stalk and harass Trump supporters online. I’m not complaining— just find that it expertly points to the hypocrisy of the ‘heartfelt” show you produce.”

“To all @TheEllenShow producers: The reason Trump won is because of people like you. People who lay claim to the moral high ground while viciously attacking, name-calling, and silencing those who simply hold different ideas. Your astounding hypocrisy fuels the #MAGA movement,” Owens responded.