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Like a lot of other good things in life, wound-healing is a process. You probably didn’t enjoy the events that earned you your cuts and scrapes, but when you do have them, you get to watch your body perform an amazing work. However, time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds. If several weeks have already gone by, you might be left wondering about your open scrapes. It’s important for you to find out why your wound won’t heal properly and what exactly you can do about it.

Reasons Your Wound Won’t Heal

  1. Infection

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against bacteria. When the skin breaks, bacteria can then move from the outside to inside the body. If the wound area gets infected, you may notice persistent redness, swelling, pain and an off-color or foul-smelling fluid.

2. Nutrition

Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables? The vitamins in them help your body heal faster, especially vitamins A and C.

Make sure you’re eating foods like oranges, spinach, sweet potatoes and bell peppers to help your body do its job. You’ll also need plenty of lean protein along the way.

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3. Diabetes

Because of elevated blood sugar, diabetics have an increased risk for slow-healing wounds and infection. The high blood sugar can negatively affect your circulation and immune system.

It can also damage nerves that signal pain, leading to more wounds simply because the diabetics don’t know when something is hurting them. If you notice slow-healing wounds regularly, they could be a sign of this disease, especially recurrent wounds on the legs and feet.

4. Medication

Different medications could also identify as your culprit for slow wound-healing. Chemotherapy and radiation drugs have powerful chemicals that hamper your immune system, making the healing process harder.

Antibiotics kill off good bacteria, increasing your risk of an infected wound site. In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs might inhibit the inflammatory stage that your body goes through in healing wounds. If you suspect that your medication is causing the problem, discuss your concern with a doctor.

4 More Reasons Why Your Wound Won’t Heal