Florida’s Secretary of State will send an elections expert to the state’s second-biggest region amid the up and coming races to “ensure that all laws are followed” after a judge ruled that the Broward Supervisor of Elections illegally destroyed ballots cast in a 2016 congressional race, according to a new report.

Broward Circuit Judge Raag Singhal issued an order Friday, determining that Supervisor Brenda Snipes’ office improperly discarded thousands of ballots cast two years ago in the Democratic primary race between Tim Canova and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In a ruling first reported by Politico, Singhal sided with Canova, who filed a lawsuit last year after he said Snipes ignored and then illegally obstructed his request to copy and inspect ballots.

After the news broke, Gov. Rick Scott’s administration released a written statement in which his office voiced their concerns about exactly how Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes has handled the case.

“During the upcoming election, the Department of State will send a Florida elections expert from the Division of Elections to Supervisor Snipes’ office to ensure that all laws are followed so the citizens of Broward County can have the efficient, properly run election they deserve,” the governor said in a statement.

Now, Tim Canova, Nova Southeastern University law professor who opposed Wasserman Schultz in 2016 and is now running again, is urging for the suspension of Snipes for destroying the paper ballots.

It’s against federal election law for the ballots not be preserved by the office.

“The governor has the power to dismiss Snipes from office for malfeasance and misfeasance,” Canova said. “The judge also pointed to the supervisor’s bad faith for continuing to litigate for months after admitting she destroyed the ballots, which will certainly run up the cost to taxpayers.”

And this is not the first time Canova voicing concerns about the integrity of the election. Back in 2016 when he lost his primary to Wasserman Schultz, Canova started voicing questions when narrative movie producer Lulu Friesdat posted a blog item calling the results of the primary race amongst Canova and Wasserman Schultz “improbable,”

Wasserman Schultz’s office said negated the correlation between them and Snipes’ office destroying the ballots.


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