A new biography of Tiger Woods details a years-long conflict between the legendary golfer and former president Bill Clinton, starting when Woods declined to attend a 1997 ceremony celebrating baseball hero Jackie Robinson.

From an excerpt in Golf Digest: “The story, of course, involved Woods declining to attend a 1997 ceremony honoring the late Jackie Robinson, sparking a schism between Clinton and Woods that was later widened by a subsequent Ryder Cup incident in which Clinton walked into the U.S. team’s locker room only to see Tiger walk out.”

Furthermore, it was revealed that Clinton would only attend the opening of the Tiger Woods Learning Center near Anaheim, California if Woods would play a round with him in a foursome of Clinton’s choice.

But it apparently was rife with conflict, as Woods was put off by Clinton’s constant chatting on the course.

From the book:

“The situation got even more awkward after Clinton arrived. Tiger’s behavior did nothing to bridge the gap between him and Clinton. At the outset, Clinton started carrying on, monopolizing the conversation, as he was known to do, before Woods interrupted and said, ‘How do you remember all that shit?’”

The book is called Tiger Woods, written by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian.

It will be released March 27.