The politically-charged Oscars hit a record low on Sunday night, down double-digits.

Many conservatives took to social media to explain that they didn’t want to watch an award show that often promoted liberal causes and made jokes at conservatives’ expense.

In particular, Mike Huckabee explained why he didn’t watch.

“Hollywood-where grownups pretend for a living & pretend to be smarter & morally superior,” Huckabee started.

“They condemn walls but live behind them,” he added, referring to the fact that countless liberal celebrities oppose the construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, though many actors and actresses have walls around their own mansions.

“They rail against guns but are protected by them & use guns in their films,” the former Arkansas governor continued.

He also called them out for their perceived hypocrisy for claiming to “espouse free speech while screaming if someone says something they disagree with.”

“So no,” he concluded, “I didn’t watch the Oscars.”