NFL player Benjamin Watson, a tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, got quite a reaction to his recent Facebook post about leaning on faith in the face of immense tragedy.

‪”Over this week while we have been driven to our knees as countless voices invoke prayer, I am haunted by the fact that this very exercise is forbidden in this school and thousands of others across our nation,” Watson wrote. “I ask myself, “If He is God in crisis is He not also God in peace?! If he is worthy of our desperate cries in distress is he not worthy for us to seek Him and submit our lives to Him daily?”‬

Watson said that he thinks there’s a need to spread the word of Christ — even with killers like Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz.

“How can I share the love and hope of Christ with [people like] him?” he said on Fox News. “When we start to remove God from the public sphere, we start to suffer the consequences.”

Watson, an outspoken Christian, also believes the answer doesn’t just lie in trying to further regulate firearms and that culture plays a big role.

‪”I pray. For comfort strength healing justice and peace in what has proven to be an increasingly recurring saga,” he continued. “These acts of violence indict the criminal as well as the society he emerged from. While we must address the individual incident, the perpetrator and the circumstances we must have the willingness to unveil the myriad ‬
‪contributing factors to the crisis we are in. Fire arms legislation, security, parenting, family, rights, relativism, morality, media, conflict, violence and the wicked human heart all play a role and all must be boldly addressed.‬”