CNN’s John King called out Fox News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro on Monday after she suggested in her monologue this weekend that Barack Obama is partly to blame for the recent scandal involving a Trump aide and domestic abuse allegations.

“You want to stop a four-star general who makes a decision within 40 minutes because you hate Donald Trump?” Pirro said Saturday. “Find another scapegoat. You might want to look at the last president.”

Rob Porter resigned from the White House following allegations that he beat his ex-wives. Chief of Staff John Kelly became consumed in the story after he defended Porter, leading to outrage from the press.

King directly responded to the remarks from Pirro.

“Nice try,” King quipped. “They blame Obama for rain. they blame Obama for traffic.”

“There’s a lot of things we can talk about President Obama, but that Rob Porter was kept on in the White House for more than a year, after it came to the attention of the White House counsel that he had been accused of domestic abuse: that is a Donald Trump problem, not a Barack Obama problem.”