In a new interview on MSNBC this weekend former chief of staff Reince Priebus opened up about his time inside the White House — and even admitted he was wrong about some aspects of President Trump’s strategies.

“I would be the guy, ‘Don’t tweet this. Do tweet that. Don’t this, don’t that.’ And others chimed in, even the first lady and the family,” Priebus explained to MSNBC’s Hugh Hewitt.

“But at the end of the day, he goes through the whole campaign, he’s listening to people like me saying, ‘Don’t tweet this, don’t tweet that,’ and he tweeted it, and he won,” the former RNC chairman continued. “So, I’m at a place now on the whole tweeting issue that I think more or less people like me were wrong, and people like him were right.”

“He would also go on any show — I interviewed him 16 times,” Hewitt said. “Why has he stopped that?”

“Personally, it’s not my business anymore. But if I were him, if I were advising him, I would say, ‘Do more media.’ Because I think he’s really good at it,” Priebus answered.