First daughter Ivanka Trump is leading the presidential delegation at the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics that kicks off this week in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

According to the White House, President Donald Trump and the United States Olympics Committee has requested that Ivanka represent the country during some of the Olympic winter sporting games and during closing ceremonies at the end of February.

Ivanka, who serves as an adviser to her father, is an avid supporter of the Olympics, once working on the International Olympic Committee pushing for the summer Olympic Games to be held in Los Angeles in 2028, according to a CNN report on Monday.

“Getting ready for the upcoming Winter Olympics! #Olympics2018 #TeamUSA,” Ivanka tweeted last month in anticipation of the games kicking off on February 8th.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence is expected to be joined by the top U.S. General in South Korea Vincent Brooks and said he plans to call out any efforts to downplay North Korea.

“The Vice President will remind the world that everything the North Koreans do at the Olympics is a charade to cover up the fact that they are the most tyrannical and oppressive regime on the planet,” an aide for Pence told Axios.

In the recent weeks leading up to the winter games, North Korea announced they plan to send athletes to the games, and also will participate in a joint women’s hockey team with South Korea.


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