President Trump and Melania were in Cincinnati on Monday, with the president delivering a speech on tax reform and the economy.

While Trump was giving his speech, the first lady visited a local children’s hospital, in what was a two-hour stay that included a presentation on neonatal abstinence syndrome, which affects newborns who come out of the womb addicted to opioids.

Melania also interacted with some of the young patients, even telling them to visit her in Washington D.C.

“She was really interested in the kids,” the parent of one of the young children said. “She was pleasant with Megan and I, but she got down at the kids’ level and was really talking to both of them.”

Then, one young child reportedly approached her and put her arms out, signaling that she wanted the first lady to pick her up.

At that point, Melania picked her up and held her for a moment, in what was a touching moment during the visit.

The first lady also left the children each with a Valentine’s Day card that included a drawing of the White House.


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