A pop singer and former host on NBC’s “The Voice” is under investigation for possible tax evasion in Spain, according to a new report.

In 2015, Shakira moved from the Bahamas to Barcelona, but officials believed she lived in Barcelona dating back to 2012 and avoiding paying taxes before officially relocating in 2015.

She’s accused of failing to pay income taxes.

Her fortune is estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars (US).

Sharika grabbed headlines last year when she came out strongly against President Trump and his proposal to ban travel from majority-Muslim countries with ties to terror.

“Right now, worldwide, 28 million children have been uprooted by conflict, driven from their homes by violence and terror. Children know no nations and no borders; those who survive will grow up to follow the lead of those who take them in,” the “SheWolf” singer wrote.

A decision on whether to press charges is expected by mid-June.


  • Report from BBC

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