A Quick Look at 7 of our Favorite Exclusive Private Clubs Around the World

There are some super secretive and exclusive clubs out there. No, these aren’t Illuminati clubs that require a secret knock for entry. These are highly private clubs that only accept the most qualified of the qualified. Here is a quick look at seven private clubs around the world that require far more than an online registration to get in.


Annabell’s, London

Annabel’s is located in an underground venue in the city’s upscale Mayfair neighborhood. Since 1963, Annabel’s has been providing a posh atmosphere where patrons enjoy delicate meats, salads, and rare spirits.

Membership for Annabel’s is typically closed due to a long waiting list. Applicants also require two references just to even begin the application process. Those lucky enough to get accepted, however, get access to multiple luxurious private rooms and invitations for special events consisting of live entertainment.


Club 33, Disneyland, California

Club 33 is located in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, not far from popular attractions like the Haunted Mansion. It’s the only place in the park that serves alcohol. Members gain early entry to the park as well as valet parking. The club interior includes vintage furniture from old Disney films. Some of the club’s members include A-list celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Tom Hanks.

Want to be a Club 33 member? The membership fee is $25,000 per person with a $10,000 annual fee thereafter.


Yellowstone Club, Montana, USA

This private residential ski resort is open to anyone that can foot the membership fees, which start at $300,000, with annual dues of $30,000. On top of that, you also have to purchase property within the vicinity, which start at $2 million. Members include CEOs, professional golfers, and Bill Gates.

Club members gain access to a number of amenities, including a gourmet diner, a lakeside lobby, bar, fitness center, and multiple “comfort stations” that provide shade and refreshments for golfers looking for a period of rest.

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