Chris Wallace appeared on Fox News on Friday to discuss the controversial remarks grabbing headlines across Washington.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this week said in a presser that immigration negotiations are being led by “five white guys,” calling for more racial diversity.

That came just before the president made his “shithole” comment about immigration from struggling nations.

Fox News’s Sandra Smith, speaking with Wallace, said that “Democrats are not without criticism this morning either, Chris.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s ‘joke,’ I guess, some are saying that it was, didn’t go over so well,” Smith continued.

“No, it was a dumb remark,” Wallace said, arguing that the comment is “representative of the identity politics Democrats play.

However, Wallace said the remark was minor compared to the reported comments from the president.

“It was a dumb remark, but I gotta say: in all fairness, it’s a parking ticket compared to what the president allegedly said.”