Laura Ingraham this week warned President Trump that if his campaign promises on immigration aren’t kept a “political revolt” from his base may occur.

“The president has to remain loyal to his supporters and to his agenda, the one he ran on, the one that won all that applause and rave reviews and all those rallies where people stood in line in hours in the cold,” Ingraham said on her Fox News show. “He has to be willing to walk away — yes, walk away from a bad deal just the way Reagan walked away from a bad deal with the Soviets at Reykjavik.”

Ingraham warned that giving leverage to Democrats on DACA could put the wall and more border security measures in jeopardy.

“This deal could decide the fate of the country,” Ingraham added. I’m going to wait to see what the final DACA proposal looks like. But if it does not include a wall- a real wall, not a see through wall, expect a political revolt from the base — which means losing the House and maybe even losing the Senate … He promised them a big beautiful wall. Unless chain migration is ended, I fear your most ardent supporters will write you off as just another politician who said something he didn’t mean. And that would be heartbreaking.”

She also compared Trump’s “bill of love” reference to when Jeb Bush called illegal immigrants coming into the country an “act of love,” something Bush was plagued by during the primary.

After Trump’s bipartisan meeting earlier this week, the president appeared to soften his stance on having a physical barrier, although he later clarified that there would be no deal without a wall.