Alabamans head to the polls to choose their next senator on Tuesday, but a couple Fox News hosts are warning Republicans about the possibility of Roy Moore (R) being in the Senate amid sexual misconduct allegations.

“I have a big problem with Roy Moore,” Jesse Watters said on Monday’s “The Five”, citing Moore’s “explosive rhetoric” and added that following “credible allegations of inappropriate behavior,” Moore would be a “huge distraction” in the upper chamber.

“No one’s even going to want to sit next to him at the Senate lunchroom. It’s going to be very awkward and he’s just going to be hounded,” Watters said.

Greg Gutfeld expressed similar concerns, saying electing Moore would be worse than having a Democrat win in the deep red southern state.

“I hope the guy loses. And if you’re upset that I say that, that’s not on me. That’s on a team sport ideology that’s pernicious,” Gutfeld said. “Just because Trump is all in, doesn’t mean you have to be too.”

A recent Fox News poll has Doug Jones (D) up 10 over Moore. However, as many experts note, because of the unique dynamics of the race, it’s difficult to predict the results.