A wildfire broke out along the 405 freeway in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning, threatening multi-million dollar homes and prompting the Getty Center Museum to close down for the day.

The fire also shut down the freeway itself,  which is the busiest road in the U.S., causing severe traffic congestion.

A report from NBC4 said Rupert Murdoch’s $30 million Bel-Air estate was among the structures on fire.

“From initial reports, we’re hearing it belongs to Rupert Murdoch. Apparently it’s a $30 million property — he owns these vineyards here and it’s causing some major problems. If this fire spreads across the hillside, that is going to be a major problem, devastating to the vineyards. Hopefully it is not too close to his home, but that’s what we know so far… It’s Rupert Murdoch’s property, that’s what we’re hearing from the neighbors who live here in Bel Air.”

When Murdoch bought the property in 2013 it was billed as “the only commercial vineyard in Los Angeles.”

The fire worsened amid Santa Ana winds of 25 mph, which have helped spur several devastating wildfires across Southern California so far this week.

Santa Ana winds are responsible for some of the region’s worst blazes. They blow from the inland toward the Pacific Ocean and then increase intensity as they move through the mountains and canyons.


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