Federal officials on Tuesday filed a new immigration and gun charges against Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant found not guilty last Thursday in the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in July 2015.

The case became the center of a larger conversation about immigration and “sanctuary city” policies in the U.S., spawning legislative proposals like Kate’s Law.

Garcia Zarate, 45, had been deported from the U.S. five times prior to Steinle’s 2015 death.

Steinle died in her father’s arms after being shot on San Francisco’s Pier 14. Garcia Zarate was released from a San Francisco jail just three months before the tragedy, despite a request by federal authorities to detain him for another deportation.

At issue was whether or not he intended to kill her or whether the gun discharged accidentally.

But despite the acquittal, Garcia Zarate will now face federal charges.


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