Old clips are re-surfacing in the aftermath of Matt Lauer’s firing — clips that now take on a disturbing new relevance.

Lauer appeared on “The Meredith Vieira Show” with his then-co-host Savannah Guthrie in May 2016, and Vieira talked the time she went “snooping” in his office and found sex toys.

You had a huge bag of sex toys, yes you did, in your closet, Matt,” Vieira said, prompting a chuckle from Guthrie and Lauer.

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute,” Lauer responded. “We had a guest on the show who was a sex therapist. I think you (Vieira) did the segment, actually.”

Lauer claimed that the sex therapist gave “each of us a shopping bag of stuff.”

Vieira said she did not receive anything.

Meanwhile, more claims against Lauer are continuing to emerge

Three women who wish to remain anonymous have spoken out against Lauer, saying they reported him to human resources after he made sexual advances on them from as far back as 2014. One woman has told multiple news outlets that Lauer gave her a sex toy for Christmas one year with a detailed note how he wanted to use it on her, according to an interview with Variety.

Another woman said she was called into Lauer’s office when he immediately dropped his pants to reveal his naked front and yelled at her for not engaging in sexual activities.

One woman who went to human resources Monday night to report an incident with Lauer that happened during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, causing NBC to fire their lead anchor.

On Thursday morning, even more claims emerged, as the NYT says that one accuser says Lauer assaulted her until she became unconscious in his office.

From the report:

“In 2001, the woman said, Mr. Lauer, who is married, asked her to his office to discuss a story during a workday. When she sat down, she said, he locked the door, which he could do by pressing a button while sitting at his desk. (People who worked at NBC said the button was a regular security measure installed for high-profile employees.)

The woman said Mr. Lauer asked her to unbutton her blouse, which she did. She said the anchor then stepped out from behind his desk, pulled down her pants, bent her over a chair and had intercourse with her. At some point, she said, she passed out with her pants pulled halfway down. She woke up on the floor of his office, and Mr. Lauer had his assistant take her to a nurse.

The woman told The Times that Mr. Lauer never made an advance toward her again and never mentioned what occurred in his office. She said she did not report the episode to NBC at the time because she believed she should have done more to stop Mr. Lauer. She left the network about a year later.

On Wednesday, the episode in Mr. Lauer’s office was reported to NBC News after the woman told her then-supervisor, who still works at the network. The woman said an NBC human resources representative had since contacted her.”

“There were a lot of consensual relationships, but that’s still a problem because of the power he held,” said a former producer, according to Variety, who worked closely with Lauer. The anonymous producer also said despite the anchor being married, he would engage in sexual acts with other women at work, and would talk with other male and female co-workers about sex, making many feel uncomfortable.


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