YouTube personality Blaire White was attacked this weekend while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in Los Angeles, in events that were captured on camera.

White, who is an outspoken critic of liberal “social justice warriors” and supports President Trump, was physically attacked, including having her nail ripped off, hand stomped, and had alcohol thrown in her face.

“This is not us trying to be edgy conservatives, sticking it to the libtards of Hollywood,” White said. “If I lived in like Arkansas or something, I would probably think it was just as interesting to wear a Hillary hat, so let’s just see what happens.”

But White seemed to highlight what many view as liberal hypocrisy in Hollywood over a lack of tolerance for opposing viewpoints.

In the video, a male feminist activist in a pink pussy hat snatches and stomps on her boyfriend  Joey Sarson’s hat and White’s hand.

“We never did anything remotely inflammatory or investigative to anyone. The point of this video was simply to wear a conservative symbol in a very liberal area,” White said.


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