Maria Bartiromo had DNC chair Tom Perez on her Fox Business show Wednesday in a heated segment that focused on the allegations from Donna Brazile that the primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, among other issues plaguing Democrats.

Dodging the question, Perez said: “Maria, I understand that when the Democrats win as they did across the board last night that you would like to focus on other things,” adding that Republicans “got their clocks cleaned last night.”

But Bartiromo pressed on her initial question: “Does somebody owe Bernie Sanders a phone call, since now we know what took place, and everything was rigged, and you were behind Hillary Clinton?”

“Maria I don’t know if this is a lecture or a Q&A, you tell me,” Perez responded.

The segment got even more heated when the host asked why the DNC never turned over their servers to the FBI.

“Maria, you’re in a fictional wonderland right now,” he said in response to the question, wanting to talk about Tuesday’s election results.

“I haven’t heard a vision!” Bartiromo fired back. “Your party has been hijacked by the extreme left, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren.”

Watch the full video above.