One of Fox News’ liberal commentators is vowing to not appear with Melissa Francis on “Happening Now” anymore after a heated segment on Wednesday.

During the show, Simon Rosenberg, who previously worked for Hillary Clinton, was accused by the host of reciting “talking points” about his opposition to the GOP tax bill and dodging the question about a bipartisan solution.

“Well, you are doing talking points,” Francis said.

“It is insulting you say that to me as if I don’t understand what I’m saying,” Rosenberg shot back. “Democrats are not going to support tax reform that dramatically cuts taxes on people that don’t need tax cuts and prevents middle class people from sharing in the benefits of these tax cuts while driving up the deficit. We will never support that framework. So if they want to move as senator said to a staying focused on the middle class and not driving up the deficit. that’s what the Democrats want to do.”

Rosenberg accused Francis of doing “the same thing over and over again” every time he appears on her show.

“Melissa, don’t worry, because I’m never coming back on this show ever again, so it doesn’t really matter, thank you,” he said visibly upset, as even tore off his mic while still on air.