Longtime host Eric Bolling left Fox News last month amid a professional misconduct scandal involving the alleged sending of lewd photographs to female colleagues.

However, despite being off the air, Bolling has still been active on Twitter, weighing in on major political issues, including the recent gun control controversy in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

For example, while Hollywood continues to push for more firearm regulation, Bolling tweeted an article showing what appears to be severe hypocrisy in the industry.

“Liberal Hollywood hates guns so much they used them 108 times in 4 blockbuster films the week of the Vegas tragedy,” Bolling tweeted, linking out to a Newsbusters article.

While those in the entertainment industry condemn firearms, guns are also displayed prominently in their movies.

Earlier this month, Bolling also called out politicians like Hillary Clinton for being in a rush to politicize the mass shooting.

“Las Vegas victims still in surgery and families being notified yet @HillaryClinton already politicizing this tragedy. #WhatHappened?”

This fall has been a difficult time for the Bolling family. On the same day that Bolling was forced out of Fox News after an internal investigation, his 19-year-old son Eric Chase was found dead in his off-campus apartment in Boulder, Colorado, from an apparent drug overdose.

“Adrienne and I have been married for 20 years today. I’m thankful for her everyday. We thank you all for your support,” he posted. Previously, he thanked his loyal fans, saying he’s inspired by the support.

“Continue to be inspired by all your support during this time… we thank you! Back when the time is right.”

Bolling was a fan favorite at the channel for years and had recently signed a contract extension with Fox News before his departure.


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