Amid speculation about whether he would join his brother in Washington, IRS documents filed Monday confirm that Mike Pence’s brother Greg plans to launch a congressional campaign in Indiana’s 6th district.

The filed forms were obtained by the Associated Press and they read: “Greg Pence for Congress Inc. … for purposes of conducting a campaign in 2018 for the election of Greg Pence as United State Representative in Indiana.”

Pence would be running to replace Rep. Luke Messer (R-Ind.), who is running for Senate in 2018.

Mike Pence himself held the sixth Congressional seat in Indiana for twelve years and his brother would likely benefit from the strong name recognition.

“He’s a community leader, he’s been involved in this community, he’s obviously got good name ID. I think all those things are positive,” GOP fundraiser Bomb Grand said back in June, according to Indy Star.


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