The Harvey Weinstein scandal has turned the spotlight back on Bill Clinton, who received tens of thousands of dollars over the years from his fellow philanderer.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton has also admitted since Weinstein’s long-running scandal became public knowledge that she previously considered the alleged sexual predator a friend. The Clintons had even rented a house in the Hamptons next door to Weinstein.

She has now called his alleged behavior “intolerable in every way.”

But the web of sex, power and money surrounding the movie mogul and the political power couple is tightening even further, The Washington Times reported.

“There’s little in the Weinstein story — the years of whispers of impropriety, the past allegations by women, the intimate connection with a party that advertises itself as a defender of women — that doesn’t apply to Bill Clinton,” said Jacobin magazine’s Branko Marcetic.

Weinstein was not just a significant donor to Democratic candidates and causes, he also contributed $10,000 to the former president’s legal fund while the perjury investigation tied to Clinton’s relationship with then-intern Monica Lewinsky consumed his administration.

That amount is the maximum allowed by law.

And while Lewinsky once described her intimate relationship with the ex-president as “mutual,” her use of #MeToo on Twitter this week has called that into question. The hashtag campaign calls on women who have survived sexual crimes to go public, in a bid to demonstrate the extent to which women have been sexually victimized.

Three other women — Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick — have also accused Clinton of sexual harassment or assault. Jones’ case was eventually settled for $850,000 and also prompted the former Arkansas governor to resign from the Supreme Court bar rather than be disbarred for lying under oath.

Yet his checkered past has, so far, been largely overlooked by the left-leaning Hollywood elite. George Clooney has pointed fingers at former Fox News boss Roger Ailes and conservative comic Bill Cosby for their alleged sexual malfeasance — but failed to include Clinton.

Clooney himself was called out by veteran actor James Woods for that oversight, with Woods tweeting that “the power imbalance between him [Clinton] and a helpless intern is prima facie sexual harassment.”

Hillary herself has also, perhaps unwittingly, shifted the spotlight back onto her husband with comments to the BBC during this week’s U.K. book tour in which she referred to President Trump as “someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office,” harking back to the president’s decades-old remark that when he wanted women, he would “grab them by the p*ssy.”

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandoski was quick to fire back, telling Fox News that “there was a sexual assaulter in the White House. He was called Bill Clinton.”

The apparent hypocrisy of Mrs. Clinton has also been highlighted by conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, who poked fun at the lifelong Democrat’s criticism of Weinstein.

“Um, you’re still married to Bill,” Lahren said. “Apparently, you don’t find these things that intolerable.”

Weinstein, who was fired from the company he founded once the sex allegations became public, is now undergoing treatment at an Arizona clinic amid complaints by women in at least three countries that he engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior. He has also been kicked out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


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