Actress Mindy Kaling’s brother has called affirmative action in college admissions racist and said it should be ended “like Lincoln ended slavery.”

Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam, who was accepted to medical school at the University of St. Louis in the 1990s, claims that the institution extended an offer to him because he pretended to be black.

Although he is actually Indian-American, he declared himself as a different ethnicity — and even shaved his head, went by his middle name and joined an African-American student group to bolster the deception. He has since written a book about the scheme, titled Almost Black.

And he has now told CNN that his pretended race helped him gain admission despite lower-than-average grades.

Chokal-Ingam spoke out after Harvard announced last week that for the first time in its 380-year history, the majority of its incoming freshman class would be composed of minorities, a 47.3 percent spike in its minority acceptances since last year.

“I think that is very deceptive,” he said.

“I think you are forgetting the Pocahontas factor, that there is a large number of people who are whiter than winter in Alaska who pose as minorities for flimsy reasons, which skew the results.”

Kaling’s brother also voiced support for White House plans to examine college admissions policies in light of a complaint against Harvard by Asian-American groups that allege the Ivy League institution has racial quotas that keep out deserving Asian students.

Chokal-Ingam said he would like admissions to be merit-based, without regard to race, despite his previous efforts to game the system.

I believe that President Trump, by appointing conservative anti-affirmative justices and by using the Justice Department to go after the colleges and universities, I believe that he will end affirmative action like Lincoln ended slavery,” he added.


  • Report from CNN

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