Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Friday lambasted Newsweek for its “Lazy Boy” cover of President Trump.

“I wouldn’t say representative all of mainstream media, this is a bit extreme- but this is an opinion piece that just bashes the president,” Cavuto said. “And six months into his presidency, seems to take the conclusion he’s a total disaster with little chance of turning things around.”

The cover depicts the president sitting in a big comfortable chair eating snacks with the title: “LAZY BOY: Donald Trump is bored and tired. Imagine how bad he’d feel if he did any work.”

The story has harsh words for the president, even questioning his work ethic.

“He wants to be the man who pulled America out of its postindustrial malaise, silenced talk of national decline and China’s ascent. But he can’t do that if he keeps sinking into his own debilitating malaise, weighed down by his shortcomings and an unwillingness to address them.”

“For those of you who watch this show, I want to put this in perspective,” Cavuto continued, “The president––not a fan of the show and not a fan of me… but man oh man this is not fair, this is not balanced.”

Cavuto then went on to list a series of Trump’s accomplishments while in office, such as VA reform, jobs numbers, consumer confidence, declining food stamps usage, and a major drop in illegal border crossings.

He closed the show by warning viewers about the dangers of an unbalanced media, saying that by “reducing the president to a cartoon figure because you simply don’t like the guy, that is wrong. That is insulting. This cover is a sin.”


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