Pennsylvania murders: Killer used pig roaster to try and burn bodies, official says

A “paranoid” drug dealer has confessed to multiple murders after he worried about being cheated by four men who sought him out to buy drugs and guns.

Cosmo DiNardo and his cousin Sean Kratz, both 20, have been charged with murder, robbery and conspiracy in the killings of 21-year-old Tom Meo, 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro and 22-year-old Mark Sturgis, CBS Philadelphia reported.

DiNardo was also charged with the death of 19-year-old Jimi Patrick.

Both suspects were denied bail at an arraignment on Friday and are being held at separate prisons, according to the Daily Mail.

DiNardo has admitted to killing the four men as part of a plea deal that prevents prosecutors from seeking the death penalty, in addition to telling authorities where their remains are located. Their bodies have now been found on his family’s land.

It is understood that Patrick, the first victim and a former schoolmate of the drug dealer, was killed after agreeing to buy a shotgun and four pounds of marijuana for $8,000. When the young man only presented one-tenth of the agreed fee, DiNardo used his mother’s gun to fatally shoot him before burying him on the family farm.

Just two days later, the other victims died at the hands of DiNardo and Kratz.

The two men reportedly conspired to rob Finocchiaro on their way to pick him up to complete a $700 drug deal, with Kratz later fatally shooting the teen. The body was then dumped in a “pig roaster.”

The cousins then conspired to rob Meo and Sturgis, who had also arranged to buy drugs that night.

After being taken to the DiNardo family’s property, Meo was shot and began screaming, prompting Sturgis to flee. He was quickly gunned down, and then Meo — who might still have been alive — was run over with a backhoe and “basically crushed,” according to Kratz.

Their bodies were then added to the roaster, covered in gasoline and set on fire, although the district attorney said that the attempt to burn the bodies was “not successful.”

The backhoe was then used the following day to dig a 12.5-foot-deep grave to dispose of the roaster and corpses.

DiNardo allegedly felt threatened or cheated by the drug buyers and has been described as a “paranoid dealer.” The 20 year old was also kicked out of college and has reportedly been involved with the police 30 times since 2011, ABC News reported, although not all incidents involved charges.

He is now being legally represented by a slate of top criminal attorneys, one of whom previously defended disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. DiNardo’s business-savvy parents run a multi-million-dollar conglomerate involving real estate, freight logistics and concrete.


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