‘The Five’ gets heated: Jesse Watters gives fiery defense of Trump family

On Thursday’s episode of “The Five” on Fox News, co-host Jesse Watters launched into an impassioned defense of President Trump in response to consistent personal attacks on the family by liberal opposition.

“I’m very sick of the left calling the Trump family ‘unpatriotic,’” he began. “They’re now the McCarthyites.”

Watters, who’s been a strong Trump defender going back to the campaign, accused Democrats of “trying to mimic communism” and lambasted Barack Obama for “palling around with domestic terrorists” like Bill Ayers.

During his comments, Juan Williams tried to interject saying “Stop, stop, how much we take?” but Watters kept going.

“Donald Trump’s family has done more for this country than any Democratic elected official. He has provided more jobs in the real estate industry, in the fashion industry, in the hotel and casino industry, he has created more wealth for anybody in this entire country. So to smear them as mafia or unpatriotic is absolutely shameful and I think everybody needs to wake up and realize this family is a patriotic family and what’s happening right now is a coup against the wealthy American people.”

Meghan McCain, who was filling in on the show, was critical of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer but added that “[n]o family gives up the things you have to give up in order to become president and run for president if you don’t have a deep love and affinity for this country. They are total patriots.”


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