First Lady Melania Trump has visited a children’s hospital after arriving in Paris with her husband ahead of France’s Bastille Day celebrations.

The Trumps, who only recently concluded a European tour that included a G-20 summit hosted by Germany, arrived in the French capital on Thursday morning.

With the president set to meet with his counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, Melania took the opportunity to visit a children’s ward at Necker Hospital. She previously went to an Italian children’s hospital on a past official trip.

During her half-hour visit, she spoke — often in French — to six children, as well as hospital staff.

The First Lady told one patient, wheelchair user Ysatis, that she appeared “very good, very strong…soon you’ll be walking and running.”

The 14 year old is scheduled to leave the hospital next week for a month of rehab.

“It was very pleasant and really good. She’s beautiful and gorgeous,” the teenager told The Associated Press.

Melania, who wore a red Dior suit in a nod to the host nation, was also given a copy of French children’s classic “The Little Prince” by the head of Paris’ public hospital system, Martin Hirsch. Images from the Antoine de Saint-Exupery story decorate the ward she visited.

“I will keep it, practice my French. It’s beautiful,” she told Hirsch.

After leaving the hospital, Melania joined Macron’s wife Brigitte for a visit to the Notre Dame cathedral before the women embarked on a boat ride down the Seine, according to the Daily Mail.

Mrs. Trump, who is a practicing Catholic, lit a candle while at the historic church.

On Friday, the U.S. president will be the guest of honor at the Bastille Day parade to commemorate the centennial anniversary of America’s entry into WWI.


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