Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), appeared on Fox News with Martha McCallum Wednesday and appeared to suggest that the Clintons’ dealings with the Justice Department go much deeper than many realize with respect to the email probe.

Gowdy began by talking about the infamous Phoenix tarmac meeting between then-AG Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton — but said there was more to the story.

“What your viewers don’t know Martha and what Jim Comey frankly can’t tell them because it’s classified … there were a lot of other reasons why Jim Comey decided take that decision upon himself,” referencing his July 5th press conference.

“History will be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were,” Gowdy said cryptically.

“I think he had access to information that, because he is a stand-up guy he’s not gonna disseminate classified information (though God knows everybody else is)…so all your viewers see is this meeting on the tarmac.”

“Jim Comey had access to additional information that I am convinced left him with no other choice but to make the decision he made in July,” Gowdy said.

McCallum pressed him on whether Comey was pressured into clearing Clinton of wrongdoing.

“No…he wanted to safeguard the integrity of the investigation, the integrity of the process, and I probably ought to just leave it right there,” Gowdy replied.

“Trust me when I tell you this, Martha — I know what it was and I have been a critic of Jim Comey in the past,” Gowdy continued. But he made the only decision he could have made with respect to appropriating that decision away from the Department of Justice and making the decision himself.”

“I only take away from that that you are suggesting that there were more entanglements between the Clintons and perhaps the Justice Department than everyone understands,” McCallum posed.

“You’re very perceptive,” Gowdy said.


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